German ultras on trial for burning Anne Frank diary

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MAGDEBURG, Germany -- Seven far-right Germans in their 20s who flung a copy of Anne Frank's Diary into a bonfire amid cheers from beer-drinking neo-Nazis went on trial for sedition Monday.

The Summer Solstice Party last year in the small town of Pretzien, 130 kilometres west of Berlin, caused uproar in Germany last year after it was revealed that the town mayor and police were also
present and saw nothing wrong in the book and a US flag being burned...

Public prosecutor Arnold Murra said, "They mocked Anne Frank, and in her name, every victim of the concentration camps."

Denying the Holocaust is punishable in Germany as sedition by up to five years' jail. Judges were expected to examine the right-wing motivations of all the accused, who range in age from 24 to 29. The
other five men have not yet been heard.

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