File pirates fail in bid to buy offshore-rig 'country,' look for tropical isle

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The dream refuses to die. After The Pirate Bay failed in its quest to buy Sealand, some supporters of the idea believed that the idea of a libertarian paradise was too precious to drop, and they entertained hopes of hoisting the"live free or die" flag over another island, possibly Ile de Caille, a small and uninhabited island off the South American coast. Thus began the Free Nation Foundation, a group that hopes to form its own country governed by a"philosophy of freedom" where"people could actually live" (as opposed to all those other countries, where living has been outlawed by tyrants). The failure of the Sealand deal, it turns out, was a good thing. The rusting naval platform"was too small and aesthetically displeasing to support such a goal," according to the group, and the weather in the middle of the English Channel is not the stuff of which vacation fantasies are made.

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