Campaign to remember victims of WW II sinking

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Survivors and victims' families say more should be done to recognise those who died in one of Britain's biggest World War II disasters.

An estimated 4,000 people died when HMT Lancastria went down

A few miles off the coast of France lays the wreck of HMT Lancastria, sunk 67 years ago by German bombers.

It is a reminder of the afternoon of 17 June 1940, described as Britain's worst maritime disaster in history.

On that day an estimated 4,000 troops and refugees died when the 16,243-ton liner quickly went down.

"As the boat sank and turned over upside down, there were hundreds singing 'roll out the barrel'. They knew they were going to die," says Reg Brown, one of the 2,477 recorded survivors.

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