Idi Amin's son breaks family silence to defend him

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The son of Idi Amin has broken his family's two-decade vow of silence about the tyrant, hoping to put the record straight about the dictator following release of the Oscar-nominated The Last King of Scotland.

Jaffar Amin has also called for a truth and reconciliation committee to investigate his father's reign of terror. "Dad is the only person that has ever been accused and sentenced, incarcerated by opinion, without it ever reaching any courthouse," said Jaffar, 40. Jaffar Amin does not deny the atrocities attributed to his father, and acknowledges it will be a difficult battle trying to humanise him. He says the film will compound many negative images...

Rights groups estimate that 500,000 people disappeared under Amin's eight-year regime, during which his secret police tortured and killed suspected political opponents...

Jaffar, the 10th of Amin's 40 official children by seven official wives, said: "I don't want to fight what has been written, but I want to show another side. I want to show a parent, I want to show my father."

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