Sale of JFK sniper window falls through quickly

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DALLAS -- The auction of a window advertised as Lee Harvey Oswald's sniper perch in the killing of President John F. Kennedy brought a bid of about $3 million, but the sale quickly fell through.

The window was up for auction Friday on eBay with a starting price of $100,000, and bidding quickly rose to seven figures. But 32 bids were either retracted by the bidders_ normally because a wrong price had been entered, including one for $17 million -- or canceled by the seller because a bidder didn't meet qualifications.

Then, it turned out that the winning bidder "didn't have the cash," said Fred McLane, a business representative for owner Caruth Byrd. "This guy slipped into the bidding in the last minute," he told The Dallas Morning News.

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Bill Heuisler - 7/19/2004

Mr. Thornton,
Thanks. But, "haunt"? Wouldn't saying "ennoble with sweet reason" be closer to the mark?

I've missed your contributions. Busy?
Bill Heuisler