Smithsonian and Oliver North Make up

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That little spat between Oliver North and the Smithsonian? Everyone kissed and made up -- and now North has permission to film in front of the Enola Gay and can talk about nuclear weapons, reports our colleague Jackie Trescott. The Smithsonian originally rejected his request to film in front of the historic bomber for a Fox News docu-series, claiming the production wanted more than "incidental use" of the plane and the site; North countered that the decision was fueled by the Smithsonian's deal with Showtime, which limits access of independent film crews.

But yesterday the two sides sat down and the application was accepted, said Claire Brown, National Air and Space Museum spokeswoman.

"We are respectful of the needs of the institution," said series producer Pamela Browne."And they understand the lighting and equipment we need to do a long-form documentary."

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