El Salvador still seeks children who disappeared in 1980-92 war

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SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- The more than 460 minors who disappeared in the 12-year combat between the guerrillas and the Army during the Salvadorian Civil War are searched for by the humanitarian organization Pro-Search, at the request of the relatives."We still have an unresolved matter with the families of those boys and girls who disappeared during the 1980-1992 armed conflict, assured Ester Alvarenga, general director of Pro-Search. The director pointed out that 323 of the 787 missing children registered by the organization have been found, noting Pro-Search does not have support in this task from State institutions. Of the children located, 150 were living with adoptive families in El Salvador, 130 with adoptive families abroad, and it is believed that 43 died. According to official sources, Honduras, United States, Italy, France, Belgium and Holland are some of the countries where these now young men and women live.

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