U.S. Mint introduces new Presidential dollar coins

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WASHINGTON -- George Washington's birthday celebration will have a golden tinge this year. Millions of new gold-colored dollar coins bearing the first president's likeness are being introduced in time for the festivities.

U.S. Mint officials are hoping they have overcome the problems that doomed the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea dollars. Coin experts are skeptical.

The new $1 coins, the first in a series featuring four presidents a year, were to go into circulation on Thursday, just before next week's President's Day celebrations.

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Mike Hodas - 2/16/2007

I agree that the new dollar coin will create technical problems. However, I have content problem. Why another bill, coin or stamp picturing presidents? It just continues the process of Cesaerization or president centerization of United States.

Was William Henry Harrison more important than Henry Clay or Daniel Webster? Was Chester A. Arthur more significant than James G. Blaine? Was William Howard Taft more significant than Robert M. La Follette?

Why not have a contest among historians to pick the fifty most important Congressmen/women? That would help increase knowledge instead of the same old dead presidents.

Michael Finn - 2/15/2007

OK, A new dollar coin is a great idea, but it will, like the two previous dollar coins, fail. Why?

In order for a coin to be in circulation it must be used by the millions of people who operate cash registers in the country.

Every cash register (at least in the US) has five compartments for change. If you want to add a new coin you first have to change the equipment that holds the coins.

Until a coin is convienent for cashiers to handle it won't be handled at all. It doesn't matter who is pictured on the coin.