Japanese documentary denies Nanjing Massacre

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A Chinese government official said on Thursday that the evidence for the Nanjing Massacre was "ironclad" in response to reports that a Japanese filmmaker in planning a documentary denying the atrocity.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu said Japan should take a correct and responsible attitude to history issues in order to win true trust from its Asian neighbors and the international community.

Jiang made the remarks when asked to comment on the plan to make the film about the Nanjing Massacre in December 1937, when Japanese troops killed 300,000 Chinese.

The film reportedly has the tentative title "The Truth About Nanking". The documentary aims to deny Japanese soldiers massacred Chinese civilians and prisoners of war in Nanjing.

ANOTHER SOURCE SAYS ... Source: Asia Media News Daily (linked on Ramzy piece) Date: January 25 JAPAN: Filmmaker to paint Nanjing slaughter as just myth Filmmakers depiction of Nanking massacre finds broad support from politicians, academics who hail the film as correction of distorted facts Japan Times Thursday, January 25, 2007 By Jun Hongo About 40 people, including Diet members, university professors and critics, rallied Wednesday behind a Japanese director's plan to shoot a film putting his spin on the Nanjing Massacre in which he claims the butchery of Chinese by the Japanese Imperial Army is nothing more than political propaganda. In a news conference held to"strike back against an erroneous understanding of history," people including Upper House members Hirofumi Ryu and Jin Matsubara gathered to support Satoru Mizushima, director and producer of"Nanking No Shinjitsu" ("The Truth About Nanjing"), which will depict the filmmaker's account of what took place in 1937. Though not present at the news conference held at a hotel in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, supporters of the film also include Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara and well-known journalist Yoshiko Sakurai."Gov. Ishihara has shown his keen support and I am very thankful," said Mizushima, 57, who has taken part in the production of more than 300 films and documentaries, including the 1995 war epic"Minami No Shima Ni Yuki Ga Furu."

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