David Horowitz video slams "Islamic Mein Kampf"

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David Horowitz, the conservative activist, has unveiled a new terrorism-awareness campaign aimed at college campuses. It encourages students to look beyond what Mr. Horowitz calls anti-American teachings by college professors and understand the threat of radical Islam.

“The curriculum, particularly in Middle East studies and women’s studies, is geared to painting a very negative picture of America and showing that there is some kind of justification for the attacks on us,” Mr. Horowitz said in an interview. “The academic left teaches that and preaches that.”

The campaign features a Web site with a chilling video, The Islamic Mein Kampf, that juxtaposes pictures and quotations from Hitler and Islamic militants. The site says it wants to “wake up Americans — and particularly American college students — to the threat we face.” The campaign also plans to place advertisements in student newspapers titled “What Americans Need to Know About Jihad.”

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Craig Michael Loftin - 2/3/2007

Horowitz's video suggests that all Muslims are terrorists. It's the sort of propaganda (dig the music!)that tries hard to inspire "patriotic" Americans to immediately go out and burn any local mosque to the ground and spit in the face of any Muslim. Just what we need to solve this problem: more venom and hatred.

I was disappointed that the video did not explain how women's studies departments are responsible for terrorism and Islamic jihad. This seems a rather low smear even for Horowitz.

John Edward Philips - 2/3/2007

Teaching about Islam, including Islamism, is necessary if for no other reason than the need to understand one's enemy, the same reason there was such an explosion of Soviet Studies in the US during the Cold War, and of American studies in the USSR at the same time.

Horowitz will have none of that, though. Perhaps he should view "The Fog of War" and learn that the ability to understand the Soviets led to a happy outcome in the Cuban Missile Crisis, but the inability to do the same to the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War led to disaster.