Leopold Mozart's violin teachings are republished

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A Salzburg publishing house has reissued Leopold
Mozart's legendary treatise on violin playing - 237 years after it was first in print, the Austrian press agency reported on Thursday. Polzer, an art publishing house, published 3,000 linen-bound copies of a revised version of the comprehensive treatise written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father around 1756.

A team of musicians and historians carefully adapted Leopold Mozart's 334-page work for the 21st century.

One reason for the republication was that the previous second edition, published in 1769/70, could by now be obtained only with great difficulty and at great cost.

Outdated language and writing style proved to be further obstacles for modern reception, Kasparek said. The new edition was based on a
copy from Salzburg's Mozarteum foundation.

Salzburg art patron Donald Kahn acquired 2,000 copies and plans to give them to music schools in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The shop price will be 29.50 euros, the publishing house said.

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