Last US defector in North Korea breaks silence

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WASHINGTON -- A U.S. Army deserter who defected to North Korea in 1962 said a billion dollars could not entice him to leave the isolated Communist country that is locked in a nuclear standoff with the United States.

James Dresnok, the last American defector still living in North Korea, broke 44 years of silence since he slipped across South Korea's heavily mined border to begin a new life that included appearances in anti-American propaganda films.

"I don't have intentions of leaving," he said, even "if you put a billion damn dollars of gold on the table." Dresnok was speaking in an interview with British filmmakers broadcast by the CBS television network's "60 Minutes" program on Sunday...

Dresnok's story was made into a documentary film called "Crossing the Line" by Dan Gordon and Nick Bonner, who appeared on the news program.

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