Archeologists discover ancient Olmec-influenced city near Mexico City

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A 2,500-year-old city influenced by the Olmecs – often referred to as the “mother culture” of Mesoamerica – has been discovered hundreds of miles away from the Olmecs' Gulf coast territory, archaeologists said.

The remains of Zazacatla are providing insight into the early arrival of advanced civilizations in central Mexico, while also providing lessons about the risks to ruins posed by modern development that now cover much of the ancient city.

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Vernon Clayson - 1/27/2007

Are these the same people that are presently entering the US, or is it perhaps their descendants? Perhaps in the distant future, archeologists will find traces of "advanced civilization" in California, perhaps even statues and handprints of Arnold and other such Hollywoodatlanians. Far off in the future historians will say, "Small wonder that the Hollywoodatlanians and their gods faded from history, it appears that ubiquitous same sex coupling slowed and then stopped the growth of this culture."