Ex-Nazi PoW wants his ashes scattered in Scotland

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A Nazi storm trooper has arranged to have his ashes scattered in Scotland where he was a prisoner of war.

Heinrich Steinmeyer was a 20-year-old grenadier in the Waffen SS when he was captured in Normandy and taken to a prison camp in Perthshire in 1944.

He spent the last months of the war incarcerated with 4,000 others at the Cultybraggan camp near Comrie. Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy, was kept there after he crash-landed in Scotland, and the ringleaders of a 1944 plot to free PoWs from camps throughout Britain were also sent there.

Mr Steinmeyer, now 82, from Delmenhorst, near Bremen, said his experience in the camp changed his view of the war.

"Cultybraggan was a holiday camp compared to fighting or being a PoW in Russia. The whole place was so beautiful. It went straight to my heart, and I thought, 'why have I been fighting this bloody war'?

"When I finished as a prisoner of war in 1949 I stayed in Scotland for another seven years as a civilian, working in civil engineering."

He could think of no better place to have his ashes scattered.

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