Hindus opposing EU swastika ban

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Hindus in Europe have joined forces against a German proposal to ban the display of the swastika across the European Union, a Hindu leader said.

Ramesh Kallidai of the Hindu Forum of Britain said the swastika had been a symbol of peace for thousands of years before the Nazis adopted it.

He said a ban on the symbol would discriminate against Hindus.

Germany, holder of the EU presidency, wants to make Holocaust denial and the display of Nazi symbols a crime.

Mr Kallidai said his organisation was writing to European lawmakers to highlight the issue.

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Lisa Kazmier - 1/20/2007

I agree with you mostly. Hindus should make their case for their symbol (and I forget their name for it, too). If I recall correctly, the symbol was slightly tilted by the Nazis. I thought the Hindus had it as more a box-shaped symbol. It may or may not include dots around the S shapes. Maybe there is a way for Hindus to work through this to represent their symbol for what it means to them and to differentiate that from the Nazis' appropriation of a twisted version of it.

Lorraine Paul - 1/19/2007

I think it is long past time that the symbol was returned to its original status.

When I was travelling from Kansas City to Flagstaff by train I saw an old building on the way that had the symbol (I don't want to call it a swastika) duplicated around the outside walls as a decoration. Of course this would have been built long before the 1930's.

Political correctness can go too far!