Lethal secrets of 1918 flu virus

Scientists who recreated"Spanish flu" - the 1918 virus which killed up to 50m people - have witnessed its remarkable killing power first hand. The lungs of infected monkeys were destroyed in just days as their immune systems went into overdrive after a Canadian laboratory rebuilt the virus.

The reason for the lethal nature of the 1918 flu was never fully understood.

But the experts behind this test say they have found a human gene which may help explain its unusual virulence.

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Michael Finn - 1/20/2007

Gosh, they found that the 1918 flu was a) lethal and b) killed quickly.

They could have found this out by reading a history book instead of killing monkeys. There must be government funding involved here.

How long will it be before this resurected virus gets out? They'll probably blame the monkeys.

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