A farcical attack on Hitler taboos

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BERLIN — In a wacky corner of cyberspace, rubber duckies with Adolf Hitler faces sing in the bathwater. Their voices in unison, they bob to reggae music as bombs fall on Berlin, while the Fuehrer himself, a manic cartoon trapped in a bunker, sings: "Surrender? No, it's not my cup of tea."

The voice belongs to Thomas Pigor, a cabaret singer with a mischievous sense of timing. He and irreverent comic-book writer Walter Moers collaborated on the short video "Adolf — The Bonker." Mocking Hitler's southern German accent with the pronunciation "bonker" instead of bunker, the clip has been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube and other sites since its Internet debut in July.

"It's a blasphemous joy to see Hitler shrunk into this tiny, pathetic cartoon figure. It destroys the myth of the cult figure some still hold," Pigor said, sitting near a candelabrum on a drizzly afternoon. "I didn't anticipate such a hit. I thought it would only be big on the cabaret scene. But its popularity shows that the time is ripe for breaking the Hitler taboo."

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