Poli Sci Professor’s Attendance at Teheran Holocaust Denial Conference Stuns Canada

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The president of a Canadian university on Wednesday condemned the “conference” on the Holocaust held in Iran this week — amid shock at his institution and elsewhere in Canada at the news that one of his professors had presented a paper there.

“I express my shock and regret that the name of St. Francis Xavier University has been associated with the recent ‘conference’ in Tehran due to the presence of a member of university faculty,” said the statement from Sean Riley, president of the institution, in Nova Scotia. “The gathering, in its origins and focus, contained elements that are deeply abhorrent to the St. Francis Xavier University community and the traditions of our 153 years of history. Given previous statements and actions from key personalities in Iranian authority, and given the focus on the subject of the Holocaust and the well-known positions of many participants, it is no surprise that the conference revealed unmistakable and deplorable anti-Semitism.”

Shiraz Dossa, a professor of political science at St. Francis Xavier, confirmed his attendance to The Globe and Mail and told that newspaper that he was surprised to find that the conference attracted Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis, among others. Dossa’s attendance has been criticized by Canadian Jewish leaders, among others, who have noted that statements from Iranian leaders questioning the reality of the Holocaust have been widely publicized, as has their desire to use the conference to legitimize such views.

In the interview with the Globe and Mail, Dossa said that he did not doubt the Holocaust and said that he had not been pressured to alter his views. He said his paper was about the abuse of imagery of the Holocaust....

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DeWayne Edward Benson - 12/22/2006

This is the second person that has been villified for attending the meeting in Iran. Both having said they did not condone or agree that the holocaust had never happened. In fact doing the very opposite admitting the holocaust is documented beyond doubt.
What is surprising however, is the vindictiveness of the attacks against these people. In the case of the Jewish Rabbi who attended, also stating the holocaust cannot be denied, said his purpose was to break the radical Zionist's from using the holocaust for their own purpose, further saying the Torah does not support the secular Zionist Congress and government set up in Israel. So who do we believe, after an in depth study of both prophecy and present day Israel, I am decidedly in favor of getting the complete story, and it has not compared in smallest part with the authors opinion.