CBS Poll: More now say Iraq was a mistake than said Vietnam was

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A new poll by CBS News broadcast Monday night indicates that 62 percent of the American people now believe that it was a mistake to invade Iraq.

At the height of the Vietnam War in 1973 only 60 percent said it was a mistake to send troops to Vietnam, according to a Gallup Poll.

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jason ssg - 12/14/2006

Good point... though 61 is still lower than 62.

However, taking into consideration that the margin for error in most polls is significantly higher than 1 percent, it would be far more accurate to say that public opinion is nearly equal today in calling the invasion of Iraq a mistake as public opinion called Vietnam a mistake in the early '70s.

Either way... it's an interesting thought considering the difference between the two engagements, otherwise.

Edwin Moise - 12/13/2006

Calling 1973 "the height of the Vietnam War" looks rather bizarre to me, particularly in the context of American public opinion.

The United States was participating in the war on a rather small scale--much smaller than in previous years--for most of January 1973. The United States was out of the war for the rest of that year.

Even for the Vietnamese, 1973 was by no stretch of the imagination "the height of the Vietnam War."

And while it is true that only 60 percent of the public said in the 1973 Gallup Poll that the Vietnam War had been a mistake, I would note that the percentage had been a bit higher--61 percent--in a Gallup Poll of 1971, closer to the height of the war.