Colonial Williamsburg plans to sell historic plantation

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JAMES CITY, Va. - The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's part in the history of Carter's Grove plantation is coming to an end. CW officials said that they're planning to sell the centuries-old plantation that the foundation has owned since 1969.

They said the 400-acre property's view of the James River, its archaeological sites and other treasures would remain protected in any sale. Restrictions will prohibit residential and commercial development, the foundation said.

Officials said the decision to sell to a private buyer was largely based on Carter's Grove not fitting into CW's mission. That mission is to "tell the story of citizenship and becoming America in the 18th century," they said.

"This is best accomplished in the Historic Area, where we present and interpret Revolutionary War-era Williamsburg," the foundation's president, Colin Campbell, said in a statement. "Carter's Grove, with its multiple stories to tell, does not support this strategic focus."

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Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs - 12/12/2006

Of the "multiple stories" that Carter's Grove told, my favorite was the explanation of half-timbered, daub-and-wattle construction in the replica 17th-century house. About 20 years ago, a very nice guide explained that the spaces between the beams were filled with wad and dottle. It is tobacco country, obviously.