Former envoy Dennis Ross says Jimmy Carter copied him

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A Fox News commentator accused former President Jimmy Carter of copying material from one of his books without proper attribution. The commentator, Dennis Ross, a former envoy to the Middle East who is now a foreign affairs analyst for Fox News, said Mr. Carter used maps he created without giving proper credit for the material, which was included in the former president’s controversial new book, “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid.” “I think there should be a correction and an attribution,” Mr. Ross said in an interview on Fox News. “These were maps that never existed, I created them.” Mr. Ross had previously published the maps in his own book, “The Missing Peace.”

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DeWayne Edward Benson - 12/12/2006

This entire affair involving Ross is becoming quickly understandable.
First the man is quoted as saying (everything) Carter wrote was wrong, now the man is saying Carter stole his material.
Fox News now has this Ross with them, at least they dropped the last writer of some fame, being the fake reporter in jockey shorts from Talon News Services, I forget his name's.