Shops destroy Santas giving "Hitler salute"

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A German chain of shops has removed miniature wooden Santa Claus figures from its shelves and destroyed them after customers complained it looked like they were giving the stiff-armed Hitler salute that is outlawed.

Josef Lange, a spokesman for the Rossmann chain that has 1,200 outlets, told Reuters Friday the figures depicting Father Christmas with his right arm stiffly upright toward the sky and holding a sack in his left hand upset some customers."We were astonished by the reaction," Lange said."It looks like he's just pointing up to the sky and we were surprised that anyone saw the so-called 'Hitler salute' in that. But we responded and had the entire inventory removed and destroyed."

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Thomas Reimer - 12/1/2006

Just confirms that todays reeducated Germans are a bunch of Arschloecher.
What will they ban next--toilet paper. Hitler used it, too, after all.