Biblical past unearthed in Holy Land construction

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Building a housing complex or a road in the Holy Land can often have grave implications.

Ancient cemeteries, burial caves from biblical times and centuries-old artifacts have been unearthed during construction work in Israel over the years, forcing contractors by law to call in archaeologists and sometimes halt building projects.

In Holyland Park, a complex of apartments being built on a hill in Jerusalem, archaeologists will soon finish removing bones and other remnants from a field of 40 tombs estimated to be 3,700 years old. Ianir Milevski, one of the leaders of the excavation, said the graves likely contained the bodies of dozens of Canaanites who lived in a nearby village during the Bronze age.

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Maham Saleem - 11/30/2006

I think Israel is a cool place with archelogical sites....I want to visit it but my Professor tells me not now. Maybe too much going on.
I wonder when they'll be peace and I can visit all the 4 quarters of Jerusalem's old city.
The other archeological sites that interest me are in Egypt.