After touting GOP's "remarkable" feat in 2002 election, media ignored historical context for Dem victories in 2006

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Even though Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives and the Senate without losing a single seat -- an electoral feat last accomplished in 1938 -- the media have not highlighted this achievement in the two weeks after Election Day. But when Republicans gained seats in both the House and Senate in the 2002 midterm elections, the first time since 1934 a president's party had done so during its first midterm election, news outlets praised it as "remarkable" and "historic."

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Michael Glen Wade - 11/29/2006

There may or may not be bias in this oversight. Ineptitude is also a possibility. Maybe this is the latest evidence of journalism's slide into talking headism. In any case, the important story is yet to come, and that is what use the Democrats will be able to make of this electoral gain. Will they use it to address really important issues such as energy alternatives, control of illegal immigration, budget restraints, and our gas-guzzling, deteriorating transportation systems? Will they initiate serious conversation about what global warming, exploding populations and the impending global decline of oil production mean for younger Americans who will have to deal with the legacy left them by 25 years and more of political irresponsibility by both parties and the voting public? Any hope of a searching discussion about what might constitute real homeland security, as opposed to the bureaucratic fraud we now have? Or will it be business as usual, with a sop here and there for appearances sake? Would that it were otherwise, but the smart money will be on the latter possibility. What the Democrats, and for that matter the Republicans, will do with the next two years is the real story, doubly so since no sentient being would want to rely on George Bush and his crowd for leadership or intelligent ideas.