Argentine Survivor of 'Dirty War' Still Seeks Justice

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Victor Basterra steps into the cold attic of the Navy Mechanics' School where he once lay hooded and shackled, a secret prisoner of Argentina's last military dictatorship.

During the seven years of junta rule that ended in 1983, some 5,000 people passed through the main torture center in the state crackdown on dissent. Suspected leftists, union leaders and other foes of the regime were tortured and, in most cases, killed.

Overall, the official toll of dead or missing in the so-called Dirty War is 13,000; rights groups put the total closer to 30,000.

For Basterra, there is no forgetting the atrocities committed inside the Navy Mechanics' School. He has vowed to honor the pleas of a fellow prisoner: "Don't let them get away with it."

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