Lennon piano makes appearance at JFK site

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DALLAS (Reuters) - The piano on which the late John Lennon composed his famous anti-war song"Imagine" made an odd appearance on Wednesday at the site where President John F. Kennedy was gunned down, competing for attention with conspiracy buffs on the 43rd anniversary of the assassination.

The plain-looking brown piano has been brought to America for exhibits by British pop star George Michael and his partner Kenny Goss. Michael bought it in 2000 at an auction for 1.45 million British pounds, which is today worth $2.78 million.

"George and Kenny are very focused on world peace and they wanted to bring the piano here as a message of peace at this iconic site," said Barbara Buzzell, spokeswoman for the Goss Gallery in Dallas, where the piano goes on display next month.

The piano spent the morning covered in canvas at the so-called"grassy knoll," where many conspiracy theorists are convinced at least one unknown shooter fired the shots that killed Kennedy as his motorcade swept past.

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