At Mideast holy site, what is treasure? (Jerusalem)

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Off an East Jerusalem side street, between an olive orchard and an abandoned hotel, sit a few piles of stones and dirt that are yielding important insights into Jerusalem's history.

They come from one of the world's most disputed holy places — the square in the heart of Jerusalem that is known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary.

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David M Zohar - 11/22/2006

The rubble in question comes from unsupervised excavations in the area where the Temple once stood. This is the same Temple that Jesus visited.
The work was carried out by the Moslem Waqf in order to construct an underground prayer hall. Considerable damage was done to Jewish and Christian archaeological evidence that can never again be studied in situ. Protests by Israeli archaeologists were ignored and no less perplexing has been the silence of the scientific and religious leadership around the world. Unlike the case of Afghanistan where there was much public consternation when Buddhist relics were destroyed, this Arab desecration of Jewish and Christian relics has been ignored.