Fury as Israelis damage war cemetery where Brits are buried

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Britain has issued a formal complaint after Israeli forces caused significant damage to the Commonwealth war cemetery in Gaza City, the last resting place for thousands of troops who died fighting the Ottomans in 1917.

The cemetery is the resting place for 3,686 Commonwealth servicemen, mostly British infantrymen

The British embassy in Tel Aviv wrote to the Israeli government four months ago after six headstones and a perimeter wall were destroyed by an Israeli army bulldozer but has not yet received an answer.

More damage was done last week during an Israeli operation in the nearby town of Beit Hanoun, when an attack helicopter used its cannon to fire at one of the cemetery's larger group memorial stones.

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Salé Braun - 11/15/2006

You should address your complains-if you happen to have any-to Hamas!Thanks anyway for your thoughtful comments.

Lorraine Paul - 11/15/2006

There would definitely be Australian servicement buried there. We lost 60,000 of our best in that war, and another 107,000 or so were wounded.

Thanks for your sensitivity, Israel!!