How Churchill's nurse cared for him (and the pet budgie) in his final years

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A notebook kept by Sir Winston Churchill's nurse has revealed a regimented routine in his final years which included her looking after his pet budgerigar.

Muriel Thomson looked after Sir Winston as he neared death and, in addition to making sure he had his cigars and whisky to hand, was expected to put the bird 'to bed'.

The former prime minister was an animal lover and it seems that, towards the end of his life, his budgie was seldom far from his side, even accompanying him to dinner.

"Whisky and soda, specs, cards; bird to be brought into dining room near his chair," Nurse Thomson wrote in her notes. "Tweeds; hanky in top pocket; boiler suit — slippers" and "after dinner… put bird to bed!!"

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James Jude Simonelli - 11/11/2006

It is truly interesting that we have available such facts as are now becoming known of Winston Churchill's final days. Odd that then no one considered second hand smoke (Let alone FIRST hand smoke).

Would his "thinking" his abilities his talent to speak in such and inspirational manner have been lessened if he hadn't been stimulated by his tobacco addiction?

Would his budgerigar have sung more without that second hand smoke at his dinner table?