Brigham Young's Chair Returned to Utah

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Two great-great-great-grandsons of Brigham Young presented to the Mormon church an heirloom rocking chair that one of Young's many wives likely sat in to soothe their children.

Brothers Bob and Skip Young say the chair has been cherished by their family, but its historical value would be better appreciated by the church and the residents of the city founded by their ancestor.

The Youngs are descendants of Lucy Decker Young, one of the wives of the church president who led members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

Accounts of the number of Brigham Young's wives vary. A history posted on the Web site of the university named after him says he had 27 wives, who bore him 56 children, while a nonprofit genealogy Web site sponsored by the LDS church lists 38 wives.

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