Tombstones Turn Up In Strange Places (CT)

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In Carol and Thomas Kaput's 18th century home, two tombstones - one etched with "In Memory of Isaac Griffin" - lie side-by-side on the basement floor. A small stone that appears to have been carved for an infant rests nearby against the water heater.

"They're all over the place," Carol Kaput said of the tombstones in her house. "We're just waiting for the next one to pop up somewhere."

At least a half-dozen Suffield families have discovered these seemingly abandoned tombstones, many made of expensive marble, in and around their homes. More have been spotted in deeply wooded areas, on hills and just off public sidewalks in town.

Nick Bellantoni, the state archaeologist, said the small clusters of stones are not uncommon in rural, farming towns across Connecticut, specifically in the eastern and central parts of the state. Many 18th century farmers reserved land for burials, he said.

"Back then, rather than trying to get the body to the town cemetery, it was just easier to bury in the backyard," Bellantoni said.

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