Secret history of a forgotten war in Malaya (UK)

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A party of Scottish war veterans has flown back to Malaysia, where they fought 50 years ago. The men from the King's Own Scottish Borderers were fighting in what became known as the Malaya Emergency.

The veterans' journey back to the other side of the world was much more than a return to what many call a forgotten war.

These young men came from every corner of Scotland. For many, the journey to south east Asia in the 1950s was their first time on a plane, their first time out of the country, their first time away from home.

But, without exception, they proudly boast that they would not have missed their time in Malaya for the world.

The banter was free and easy among those making the return trip.

All of these men had something in common - they were back in the place where, as teenagers, the rest of their lives were formed, where they all say they became the men they are today.

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Lorraine Paul - 10/20/2006

How nice for these men that they can look back on this time and feel good about themselves! Of course the fact that many didn't come back, or that they were there to stop others from gaining their independence from exploitation has nothing to do with it.

One wonders what sort of men the are today? More information please.