Museum Exhibit on Nazis Opens in Germany

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DRESDEN, Germany -- An exhibition on Nazi racial policies created for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum opened Thursday in a building where posters were once produced trumpeting the theories that led to the murder of Europe's Jews.

The exhibition, titled "Deadly Medicine -- Racial Madness in National Socialism," opened Thursday evening in the 1930s-era Hygiene Museum in the eastern city of Dresden.

Many of the swastika-stamped posters promoting Nazi theories of racial purity were made in the museum after it fell under Nazi control in 1933 -- a link that helped the museum persuade the Holocaust Memorial Museum to let one of its exhibits move abroad for the first time.

Divided into three sections, the exhibit first shows how eugenics, which purported to improve the human species by controlling heredity, became a global movement in the scientific world starting in 1919.

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