Che's Daughter returns to site of his death

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SANTA CRUZ, Boliva -- An emotional visit by Aleida Guevara to mark the 39th anniversary of the slaying of her legendary father, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, has revived bitter arguments over the revolutionary's legacy and Bolivia's current ties with Cuba.

"My father was brutally assassinated by the Bolivian army," said Miss Guevara during a weekend pilgrimage to the small village of La Higuera on the arid eastern foothills, where a sick and emaciated Guevara spent his final days in 1967. Speaking from the small schoolhouse in which her father was shot, she called for those responsible to be put on trial.

Gary Prado, the retired general who led the pursuit of Guevara, presided at the same time over a memorial ceremony for his soldiers killed in the U.S.-assisted operation. Speaking from the 8th army division garrison in Santa Cruz, he accused the government of "honoring an invader."

"El Che came here armed; he came to kill," said the wheelchair bound Gen. Prado, who called Miss Guevara's visit an "act of hostile propaganda."

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