U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Works Up Campaign Against Campus Anti-Semitism

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The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is considering drafts of documents that would form part of a public-education campaign on campus anti-Semitism, a follow-up to the commission's report on the issue last spring.

A 25-page draft of the commission's proposed Web page on campus anti-Semitism, a set of documents that was obtained by The Chronicle, aims to inform college students about anti-Semitism and the resources available to victims of anti-Semitic harassment or intimidation.

"Many students do not know the rights and protections that they have against anti-Semitic behavior," says the document. The Web page, which will be accompanied by a poster and postcard campaign, encourages witnesses and victims to speak out against anti-Semitism, outlines federal civil-rights statutes protecting students against anti-Semitism, and recommends procedures for reporting anti-Semitic incidents on campuses.

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Stannous Flouride - 10/3/2006

I applaud this effort but hope that it reaches out and points out the changes that have taken place in the style of anti-Semitic behavior and speech over the years, identifying the subtler forms that are (unfortunately) so prevalent even today.