Hitting the self-destruct button in Washington

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The “Sex Scandal” club is only one subcaucus in the big tent of Washington infamy and shame. There is also the “Blatant Financial Improprieties” subcaucus (with the guest star Duke Cunningham), the “Ill-Advised Nazi Comparison” subcaucus (Howdy, Senator Dick Durbin) and the “Racially Insensitive Remark Directly Into a Video Camera” (“You’re an animal, George Allen”).

But the sex subcaucus is easily the biggest.

“You always seem to have politicians doing bizarrely self-destructive things, especially involving sex,” says Lawrence Kestenbaum, creator of “Political Graveyard,” a history Web site that includes an exhaustive cataloging of transgressions by politicians.

Under the heading “Politicians Who Were Ever in Trouble or Disgrace,” the section contains 420 entries, in chronological order, many of them involving present and former members of Congress.

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John D. Beatty - 10/4/2006

What does any of this have to do with the study or teaching or even the making of RELEVANT history? Scandal is for titilation, not information. It's a distraction, nothing more. THe mass media are shills for corn flakes and nothing else. Historians need spend ZERO time on this twaddle.

Stannous Flouride - 10/3/2006

I only spent a few minutes going through the first part of this extensive list butr have bookmarked it and will definitely return for a closer perusal in the future.
I love the sub head on the page: "Very incomplete!"