Montpelier getting a make-over

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Ongoing work at Montpelier, which is being restored to look as it did during Madison's time, is helping to increase visitation at the 2,650-acre estate, said spokeswoman Peggy Seiter Vaughn.

"It's up 10 percent this year, and it was up 3 percent last year," she said. "It's because there's a lot that's new to see here."

The stucco that once covered the main house already has been stripped away, as have the 20th-century additions made by the duPonts, the last family to own Montpelier. Inside, workers are peeling back plaster, replacing floorboards and repairing crumbling brick.

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Logan Porter - 10/18/2006

Having just visited Montpelier in late July, I must say the work is amazing. Nothing like the house looked before. My greatest surprise was the brick work. I didn't know the stucco was not originial to the madisons. Evidently, Thomas Jefferson influenced Madison to build his house of the same brick as he build Monticello (and even loaned out carpenters and brick masons). The restoration work inside is just as amazing. Great job Montpelier!!!