SF Earthquake shakes: what to do with them now?

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When San Francisco was being rebuilt after the disastrous 1906 earthquake and fire, more than 5,600 temporary shacks thrown up for refugees were hailed as symbols of the city's plucky resolve to rise from the ashes.

Thousands of people lived in them from the spring of 1906 to the summer of 1907, when the refugee camps were closed and the shacks were either scrapped or given away.

Just over two dozen still exist, and what to do with them is a dilemma of historic proportions.

The Bernal Heights neighborhood illustrates the problem. Scattered around the hill that rises in the middle of the neighborhood are at least a dozen of the refugee shacks. Most are comfortable small cottages, sometimes made of two of the shacks cobbled together. Some of the shacks have drop-dead views and are worth their weight in dollars.

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