The Chicago History Museum expects its popularity to grow with the opening of its costume exhibit

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There is nothing like a little glamor to draw a crowd.

In fact, the newly remodeled Chicago History Museum is banking on it.

The Chicago Historical Society reopens Saturday after a 10-month renovation with a new name and, for the first time in a long time, a permanent venue to show off one of the largest costume collections in the nation.

Costume exhibits are popular attractions and almost always spark an increase in attendance, a fact that isn't lost on the museum's president, Gary Johnson.

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Tim Lacy - 10/3/2006

For those of you not located the Chicago area, costumes are not the focus at the newly remodeled Chicago History Museum (CHM). This excerpt does not do justice to the institution's changes. Here's a better article on their remodeling:,1,754724.story (Chicago Tribune, titled: "At revamped museum, hot dogs to hot rod make history").

For starters, CHM's new exhibit space is not solely dedicated to costume exhibits. Secondly, the goal of the remodeling was to make the institution feel friendlier to all ages, ethnicities, and economic classes (i.e. the name change from "Chicago Historical Society" to "Chicago History Museum").

I hope CHM succeeds in their efforts.