New Trial for Woman in 1981 Brink’s Case Is Reopening Old Wounds

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It has been a quarter-century since a group of self-styled freedom fighters, including Judith A. Clark, carried out an armored-car robbery in Rockland County, N.Y.

The holdup was a final eruption of Vietnam-era extremism and a shattering event for Rockland County, which lost two local police officers and a Brink’s guard.

The deep wounds left by that crime were reopened three years ago when Kathy Boudin, who served as a decoy in a getaway car, won parole.

Now, the victims’ families face the prospect of a new trial for another admitted participant, Ms. Clark, who was in another getaway car. On Sept. 21, a federal judge overturned Ms. Clark’s conviction, in a decision that held that she effectively had no legal counsel at her trial in 1983, when she chose to represent herself and then boycotted some of the proceedings.

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