Eyes on the Prize to be broadcast by PBS again

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Due to copyright issues, the series has not been seen on public television since the mid-1990s or available for video distribution, but finally through renewed funding from the Ford Foundation and the Gilder Foundation, EYES will be re-broadcast this October on three successive Monday nights on public television as part of the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE on OCTOBER 2, 9, 16 at 9 pm.

CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS. Programs 1 and 2 will air as a two-hour block and the same is true for the rest of the series throughout October.

Unfortunately, this time around, PBS will only sell copies to institutions. There will be no home video sales so do what you can to purchase DVDs through your church or community group or local non-profit.

For more details on the series, see the press release below and the links to several useful EYES ON THE PRIZE websites that have been developed for the re-broadcast:

American Experience/ PBS --

Facing History: Eyes on the Prize Study Guide for Classroom Use--

Biography of Henry Hampton, series creator and executive producer -

The Henry Hampton Collection of EYES ON THE PRIZE interviews at
Washington University --

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