Unknown Frost Poem Comes Out From Hiding at U-Va.

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On the opening page of a small leather-bound book in a University of Virginia library, graduate student Robert Stilling found an inscription in brownish-gray ink. It was a poem by Robert Frost, in the poet's own hand, unknown and, Stilling believes, unpublished.

"It's like coming across a ruin," he said, finding a poem that Frost seemed to have abandoned.

"It was a complete bolt out of the blue," said Ted Genoways, editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, the kind of dramatic discovery that scholars dream of as they pore over manuscripts and letters.

The poem, "War Thoughts at Home," has particular resonance now, Stilling said. It will be published, for the first time, it is believed, in the Virginia Quarterly Review available Monday.

Thus completes a curious circle. During Frost's lifetime, the publication ran many of his poems, including some of his most beloved works. And when Genoways was a U-Va. graduate student about seven years ago, he made the last major discovery of the New England poet's work: a manuscript of a then-unknown poem -- with one stanza torn out...

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