From ‘Death Ship’ to Cruise Ship

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Among its oceangoing sisters, the S.S. Stockholm has always been infamous as the ill-fated vessel that struck and sank the Italian liner Andrea Doria in dense fog off Nantucket 50 years ago. The collision — on July 25, 1956 — resulted not only in 51 deaths and the daring rescue of hundreds from the swells of the Atlantic; it also assured a name for the Stockholm as “the death ship” of the high seas.

Nonetheless, on Wednesday morning, there it was: sailing through the narrows, up the Hudson and docking at a West Side pier. Yesterday it sat at its mooring at Pier 90 — albeit with a new hull, new innards and a new name.

The ship, rechristened Athena last year, had arrived in New York at the end of a trans-Atlantic cruise with a passenger list of Britons, many of whom were aware of — and apparently unfazed by — its macabre past.

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