The Fight Over a Holocaust Suitcase and the Memories It Carries

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Michel Lévi-Leleu, who discovered his father’s suitcase at a Holocaust exhibition in Paris, [is fighting to keep it on display there. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland wants it back.]

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Stannous Flouride - 9/19/2006

The details of this very touching story bring to mind several other recent developments- the repatriation of Native American bones, the request for the return of classical art to Italy, Greece, and Egypt, and the need to preserve threatened monuments around the world.
While I have deep sympathy for Monsieur Levî-Leleu I can also see that if this were permitted and set a precedent, the huge piles of artifacts that are such powerful and moving symbols at Auschwitz could easily be decimated.
No easy answers here.