Ammunition find excites Grand Pre archeologists

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A new discovery at Grand Pre has archeologists wondering if they've unearthed "ground zero" of the Acadian deportation of 1755.

Jonathan Fowler, a Nova Scotia archeologist, and his team recently discovered about 15 musket balls in the ruins of an old house.

"This volume of musket balls is a little bit strange for the usual domestic occupation," he told CBC News on Tuesday.

When Fowler compared the find to those at other Acadian archeological sites, he felt the team may have found the British headquarters for the deportation.

"It leads one to believe ... that we may have evidence of these New Englanders," he said.

But it's difficult to prove, Fowler added.

The team is now hoping to find evidence of a palisade, a fence the archeologists believe the British built around two houses, a church and a cemetery.

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