Incumbent senators who have lost primary races: The List

A list of incumbent senators who have lost their primaries since 1950:
Year Senator Party State
2002 Robert C. Smith R N.H.
1996 Sheila Frahm R Kan.
1992 Alan Dixon D Ill.
1980 Mike Gravel D Alaska
1980 Jacob Javits R N.Y.
1980 Donald Stewart D Ala.
1980 Richard Stone D Fla.
1978 Clifford Case R N.J.
1976 James Buckley C N.Y.
1974 J.W. Fulbright D Ark.
1974 Howard Metzenbaum D Ohio
1972 David Gambrell D Ga.
1972 Everett Jordan D N.C.
1970 Ralph Yarborough D Texas
1968 Ernest Gruening D Alaska
1968 Thomas Kuchel R Calif.
1968 Frank Lausche D Ohio
1968 Edward Long D Mo.
1966 Ross Bass D Tenn.
1966 A. Willis Robertson D Va.
1958 William Blakely D Texas
1954 Alton Lennon D N.C.
1952 Owen Brewster R Maine
1952 Kenneth McKellar D Tenn.
1950 Chan Gurney R S.D.
1950 Claude Pepper D Fla.
1950 Glen Taylor D Idaho
1950 Elmer Thomas D Okla.
Source: The Senate Historian's Office

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DM Jordan - 8/5/2006

D'Amato is a Republican and therefore, unless New York has very open primaries, did not lose to Schumer in the primary, but instead in the general election.

Joe R de Marco - 8/5/2006

The Senate Historian's Office has forgotten about Alfonse D'Amato -- Senator Pothole -- who lost his re-election bid to Senator Schumer in 1998

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