Allan Lichtman: Says he's ready to spring in Maryland senate race now that support for opponents is softening

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A new Washington Post poll shows that Maryland's U. S. Senate race is wide open, with about a third of voters undecided.

Support for Cong. Ben Cardin has cratered since the last independent poll taken about two months ago, as Allan Lichtman's demonstration of the flaws in his record has struck home with voters. Cardin's percentage among registered Democrats has plummeted by 14 points, as nearly 40 percent of his support has melted away. His support is down to 25 percent - an astonishingly low percentage after nearly forty years of office-holding in Maryland and expenditures of more than a million dollars.

Support for Kweisi Mfume has stagnated, remaining constant at just over 30 percent. But with Cardin's numbers in free-fall, he now holds a six point lead over Cardin among registered voters and a seven point lead among likely voters. Yet Mfume is only tied with prospective Republican nominee Michael Steele in an overwhelmingly Democratic state and with the GOP yet to launch their anticipated $10 million attack on his record and character.

Josh Rales, who has also spent about a million dollars, has zero support among likely voters.

Allan Lichtman has moved up to 4 percent among likely Democratic voters and has conserved nearly all his resources for major initiatives during the last two months of the campaign to win over the undecided vote and the soft support for Cardin and Mfume.

Cardin, whose strategy has always depended on appearing as the inevitable winner, may well be finished and the voters will be looking for a stronger candidate than Mfume to beat Steele in November.

With your support, Allan Lichtman can still win this election.

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