Following is a list of historians who have been the subject of news stories. The list is arranged in reverse chronological order, as are the entries within each section.


CARLOS MESA: The Historian Who Became the President of Bolivia

DAVID McCULLOUGH: Wins Boston Patriot Award

RICHARD NORTON SMITH: Picked to Run the Lincoln Presidential Library

KENNETH T. JACKSON: Leaving the NY Historical

DANIEL PIPES: Nominated by President Bush.

DAVID GARROW: Not Teaching this Semester at Emory

JOSEPH BRAUDE: Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling in Iraqi Artifacts

GEORGE CHAUNCEY: Fighting for Civil Liberties for Gay People

RASHID KHALIDI: Criticized for his views on the Middle East.

JAMES F. BROOKS: Takes Home 3 History Prizes

JOHN ESPOSITO: Feeling Under Attack

PHILIP FONER: Guilty of Plagiarism?

CHRISTINE HEYRMAN: Trouble Counting?

KEITH WINDSCHUTTLE: Under Attack in Australia

STEPHEN HOWARTH: Victim of Plagiarism?

ROBERT CARO: Jumps into the Filibuster Fight

BRIAN VANDEMARK: Accused of Plagiarism

ILAN PAPPE: Haifa University Nixes His Conference


NIALL FERGUSON: TV historian accused of romanticizing British imperialism.

NICHOLAS DeGENOVA: Calls for a Million Mogadishus

GEORGE CHAUNCEY: Challenging the Anti-Sodomy Laws

MILITARY HISTORIANS: Reservists Who Are Collecting the History of the War in Iraq

IAN KERSHAW: Breaks with TV producers of movie based on his book.

HENRY KAMEN: Under attack in Spain.

JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN: Joing the lawsuit filed by victims of the Tulsa Race Riot.

JOERG FRIEDRICH: The Germans were victims of Allied bombing in WW II.

ANDREW ROBERTS: Host of a new BBC series on history.

CHRISTOPHER HILL: Was he a Soviet mole?

BENNY MORRIS: Disenchanted

ERIC HOBSBAWM: Still Likes the Soviet Union

DONALD KAGAN: Awarded National Humanities Medal

BASHEER NAFI: Accused of being an Islamic terrorist.

JACK GRANATSTEIN: Testifies in favor of war with Iraq.

CHRIS ANDREW: Professor chosen to write official history of MI5.

LOUIS MENAND: Orwell was"honest, decent, wrong."

ALLEN MURPHY: Dispute about his claim that Justice Douglas wasn't entitled to be buried at Arlington.

DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN: Her son may be going off to fight in Iraq.

HASHEM AGHAJARI: Death sentence revoked.

JAN GROSS: Historian who revealed the truth about a Polish town's where hundreds of Jews were killed.


PHILIP ZELIKOW: Appointed executive director of the 9-11 commission

JAMES LINDGREN: Questions survey allegedly conducted by pro-gun economist

JAMES E. JENNINGS: Leads delegation to Iraq to protest war.

AHARON BREGMAN: Discovers identity of the Egyptian who tipped off Israel about invasion that led to the Six Day War

JORG FRIEDRICH: Assailed for Claiming Germans Were Victims Too

HOWARD ZINN: Peacemaker

DAVID IRVING: Denied Visa to Australia

PAUL BUHLE: Accused of Misrepresenting the History of Communism

BRIAN VICTORIA: Credited with Exposing the Violent History of Zen

LYNDALL RYAN: Accused of Mangling Evidence

BRENT GLASS: Profile of the Historian Who Has Taken Over the Smithsonian

JOY HAKIM: New PBS Series Based on Her Books

PETER KIRSTEIN: In Public Brawl with Instapundit

MILAN BULAJIC: Yugoslav Historian Apologizes for Holocaust Quotes

ERIC FONER: His Fight with Daniel Pipes

GLENDA GILMORE: Her Fight with Daniel Pipes

NECIP HABLEMITOGLU: Assassinated in Ankara

CHRISTOPHER ANDREW: Appointed Official Historian of MI5

EUGENE M. TOBIN: President of Hamilton College Resigns

ALAN CHARLES KORS: On Bias in Academia

  • Alan Kors, Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, is attracting national attention with his new book, The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America's Campuses, co-authored with Harvey Silverglate. Kors, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), argues that the left has taken over college campuses.

HENRY REYNOLDS: Caught Misquoting

RICHARD BERTHOLD:"Anybody Who Blows Up the Pentagon Gets My Vote"

ROBERT DALLEK: On Kennedy's Medical Ailments

DANIEL GOLDHAGEN: His Publisher Sued By The Catholic Church

MICHAEL BELLESILES: Misuse of Records, Bad Scholarship, etc.

PETER KIRSTEIN: Denounces a Cadet as a Baby-Killer

ANN LANE: Her Dissertation

JOYCE APPLEBY: Historians' Petition on Iraq

STEPHEN AMBROSE: Accused of Plagiarism

JOSPEH ELLIS: Inventing Stories About His Past

LOUIS ROBERTS: Accused of Plagiarism

EDWARD A. PEARSON: Book Withdrawn by University of North Carolina Press

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