No mummy in Valley of the Kings tomb but mystery remains whole

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The first tomb discovered in Luxor's Valley of the Kings did not reveal its expected mummy, but egyptologists remained bent on cracking the mystery of "KV 63."

Three thousand year-old flowers and royal necklaces were the only things Egypt's chief archeologist Zahi Hawass saw when he lifted the lid off the last of seven coffins found in the tomb.

"It's superb but there is no room for a mummy," said Otto Schaden, the America archeologist who uncovered the tomb almost by chance in February, only a few feet away from "KV 62" -- the famous sepulchre of King Tut.

The six other coffins contained pottery shards, and the team of Egyptian and US archeologist working on the site had to conceal their disappointment after much anticipation that the last coffin might contain a royal mummy.

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