Historians measuring Bush's scandals against past presidents

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It's been a collection of scandals and problems without handy monikers. But the Bush administration has had enough of them to begin nudging the needle on the presidential scandal-o-meter.

Historians are measuring them against the brand-name scandals — Watergate, Iran-Contra, Whitewater, Monica - that have plagued previous presidents.

"There is something that is different about the current administration and more worrisome about this," said presidential historian William Leuchtenburg, a University of North Carolina professor emeritus. "The kinds of problems that administrations have had in the past have usually involved bad behavior by an individual on his own."

"What's different about this administration is that the behavior involves important matters of policy of breach of security," Leuchtenburg said. "From what we actually know, it hasn't yet reached the dimensions of the Nixon White House. But it certainly goes beyond the sort of petty personal scandals that one associates with Truman and Eisenhower or with Carter."

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Randll Reese Besch - 7/2/2006

Nixon never said he could overrule the House & Senate's laws by fiat. But GWBush says he can, and ignore the Supreme Court too. This goes way beyond the Nixon admin's cover-up of a burglary but instead a coup de criminal of a group of men who's stated purpose is to remake the world outside our boarders and remake the country within it.

John Edward Philips - 6/24/2006

When Grant administration officials were accused of handing out contracts without competitive bids they were forced to resign. When Bush administration officials, even the VP, hand out no-bid contracts to companies they own they not only defend the practice they are not challenged on it.

As Cicero so famously said: "O tempora! O mores!"